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By 1944, there was much discussion about telephone and lights for the community hall and the district. Electricity was flowing at Elko but nothing for the South Country.

In September of 1945, the TWI bought a 1000 Watt electric light plant for the hall. The following year, the young people’s club constructed a slab building for the power plant, with the TWI lobbying for rural electrification.

Rural electrification in Eureka, Montana, was a topic of discussion in 1948. As a result, a new 2500 Watt generator plant was purchased for the hall.

The TWI still had electricity issues in 1950, so a committee was formed to interview the Eureka Electrical Commission.

Continued refusal through 1954 by the B.C. Power Commission and the East Kootenay Power Co. led TWI members to host a special meeting on August 23, 1956, to acquaint the public with Lincoln Electric in Eureka.

After a flurry of letters and discussions, the TWI finally brought power to the valley (from Eureka via Lincoln Electric) in 1958.

Like so many other battles before and after, the Triangle Women’s Institute employed their tenacity, intelligence, and ability to work together apolitically to create ways around the bureaucratic blocks. As a result, all of the families in the South Country were happy beneficiaries.

In their bid for economic efficiency and commitment to the environment, TWI installed solar panels at Pioneer Hall in 2019.